Edward J. Breedveld

Edward J Breedveld


As Group IT & E-Business Manager always pushing the envelope of IT, E-business, Online technologies, Digital media, Marketing technologies and Online marketing.
An expert in B2B and B2C E-Business and E-Commerce, Online Marketing, Mobile Apps & Commerce and Intelligent Data driven marketing with experience in research, wholesale, retail, advertising industries, medical research and data-mining and big data applications on e-commerce
Experienced in mobile application design and development processes.


Specialties: IT management, E-Commerce, B2B online sales, online marketing, interactive systems, online Portal technology and optimized business processes, online media management, mobile application design and location based applications like iBeacon technology.  Always searching for the application of new technologies in business. Converting innovations into profitable and distinguishing products, driven by a entrepreneurial instinct.

Previous Work

 After graduation I worked at the SARA Academic Computing Center in Amsterdam where I started as Systems Programmer, Senior Systems Programmer to Manager Marketing & Business Development of the Virtual Reality and Visualization department.  At SARA we’ve setup first European CAVE Virtual Reality system and converted this research tool into a commercially available lab.

During this period I’ve worked on projects for the following companies:


In succesion to my work at SARA I have founded  a venture capital backed company ExVisium  specialized in Virtual Reality Visualization technologies for retail environments. ExVisium developed a Virtual Reality system for use in retail with the usage of lenticular autostereo displays. These displays and accompanying software has been used for several projects.

In this period I have been awarded the patent on: Immersive displays for usage in retail environments.

More information about ExVisium can be found here

Consultancy Projects

I have worked on projects for the following companies:

Hagemeyer Netherlands / Rexel Netherlands

With online technology gaining more momentum and emerging e-commerce technologies I have worked for Hagemeyer Netherlands as Manager E-Business, when Hagemeyer was bought by Rexel Group I have been in this position for both companies defining and developing their online strategy and converting multiple legacy systems into a new state of the art multi-channel multi-platform webshop and EDI platform.  With the implementation of the Hybris Webshop platform in combination with the Endeca search system we have created the state of the art online tools for the technical wholesale market. The mobile webshop application I have developed is now used in many operating countries of the organization.

Intersafe Holding

I currently work as Group IT & E-Business Manager at Intersafe Holding responsible for all ICT and E-Business operations of Intersafe in the Netherlands, Belgium and France.


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